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Volume Number:  11
Jurnal Name:  Efflatounia

               Magdi Shaaban Ali ElHawagry (Ph.D.)

Catalogue of Superfamily Asiloidea (Diptera: Brachycera) of Egypt

Asiloidea,Asilidae,Bombyliidae , Mydidae ,Mythicomyiidae , Scenopinidae ,Therevidae

Diptera, or flies as they are commonly called, comprise a diverse assemblage of insects in Egypt. Steyskal and El‐Bialy (1967) listed 1339 fly species belonging to 64 families from the Egyptian fauna. In addition, there are many other species that have been recorded and described from Egypt since 1967. The majority of these flies are either flower‐lovers, feeding upon nectar, etc., or frequent decaying organic matter of various kinds. Although these two habits predominate, a considerable number of flies are predacious or parasitic and live on or in various insects which form their prey or hosts, consequently they have potential as biological control agents. Additionally there are other flies which have acquired blood‐sucking habits and may transmit the pathogenic organisms of some virulent diseases. Despite its importance as the only work compiling all the Egyptian Diptera, the list of Steyskal and El‐Bialy (1967) included merely the names of families and their species and subspecies without taking into account suprageneric groups such as subfamilies, tribes, etc. Also, it did not refer to other important data such as those of original descriptions, depositories, type‐localities, synonyms, world and local distributions, etc.

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